About Alliance
Alliance CM, or Alliance Construction Management, specializes in construction management services such as general construction, design build, renovations and structural repairs. We specialize working within occupied spaces, completing projects large and small in a manner that is the least intrusive to tenants, customers, and guests using the space.

About The Alliance Way

What’s a “CM?”

The difference between a General Contractor (GC) and a Construction Management (CM) team starts with claiming complete control over the materials and products we choose and the brands we work with. Utilizing the latest techniques, technologies and materials allows us to deliver a top-notch product to our clients and their end users; but we go beyond these typical (yet massively important) points of scope that a GC is responsible for and expand into implementing systems, processes, and interfacing that expertly keeps track of scope, schedule, and budget.

In short, we are the level that sits above the altitude occupied by the General Contractor, acting as a controlling force that makes sure everything in your project is perfectly visible and goes according to plan. As a Construction Manager, AllianceCM will oversee the construction project phases for the owner, be their representative, and will advise throughout the whole process.

Our Principles

With a commitment to our clients, Alliance CM follows the C4 principle: Calling, Character, Capability and Commissioning. Through these standards we provide customer-driven construction management. Our clients receive impeccable communication throughout each phase of the construction process rather than just at the end. This gives clients the opportunity to provide valuable feedback from start to finish.

LEAD Certification

We are also a LEAD Certified Firm that provides LEAD-Safe EPA Certified Inspections, document reporting and remediation. Our highly skilled and trained contractors also add value by delivering professional painting services that rely on modern materials and techniques.

Set your construction projects apart from others by choosing Alliance CM.

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