Highland Park United Methodist Church

Location: Highland Park, Texas

Approximately how many projects were completed for HPUMC by Alliance, and what kinds of projects were they?

Over the past 4 years we have successfully completed over 50 projects. From a full restoration of wood windows dating back close to 80 years including lead base paint remediation with full exterior 4 story exterior work space enclosure to interior additions reconfigurations of spaces. All types of interior finishes upgrades, ongoing painting both interior and exterior. Design build creations of fixtures for special ceremonial events. Modifications and refinishing of cathedral millwork and bronze and metal railings. Stone and cast stone works, plaster repairs. Waterproofing both above and below grade including underground drainage systems and exterior custom fabrication of rotted wood to match age old custom profiles.

How did Alliance come into the conversation at HPUMC?

We started as a consultant to assess the condition of the decades-old wood exterior windows and how / what to do recommend replacement or rehabilitation. This came from a call of long time friend and architect Kurt Thiel asking if I knew anyone as a Fenestration expert. In this case that was myself since I grew up in the wood window and door manufacturing business with over 30 years’ experience. Once my report was presented to the board of trustees they asked if I would consider and be the one to take charge of the restoration project. We agreed and formulated a 3-year plan to systematically work around the campus in which we completed the project in less than 18 Months – ahead of schedule and on budget. With zero work stop or safety incidents using EPA Lead Safe means and methods.

What challenges did Alliance face working within an occupied space, knowing that church/admin activities happen on a daily/weekly basis?  

As with all projects, no matter the size or complexity, it is our number one priority to look from the customer’s perspective and guest experience. Therefore, the continuous use of building protection and dust control and being versatile to what works best for the customer over our own needs or perceived inconveniences has been the difference in success in occupied spaces. We have a “Happy to Do It” perspective to not rush the process while keeping “Time is Of The Essence” our driver.

How are users of the spaces responding to the projects completed by Alliance?

We continue to get calls daily and weekly for requests to help and partner on one type project or another. Our compliments come from sincere words of gratitude from staff and guests alike and knowing we make a difference every time we step foot on the HPUMC Campuses.

What did you learn through working on this project?

Serving others is a matter of the heart and not of the wallet. Either we do things to our highest and best or not at all. We’ve learned that as we are faithful in the small things that we will be faithful in the larger ones, no matter the scope of work or size in and of itself. Is for Alliance the most important project we have going at all times.