Ford AV

Location: Irving, Texas

What was the purpose of this job?

The job brief here was to completely waterproof the exterior of a porous split-face CMU exterior veneer. We repaired the failed structural masonry openings and provide all exterior windows with new wet-glazed sealants around all exterior windows glass and glazing. Years of exterior moisture seeping through the porous block exterior and failed window seals caused significant water damage. All exterior walls affected interior insulation and caused sheetrock damage, allowing mold growth to occur and remain. This required remediation of the affected areas by removing, treating, and replacing interior finishes.

How did Alliance come into the conversation when considering CM firms for the project?

This came as an inbound response through our Alliance Painting division. Once we met with the customer, we understood better this was not just a painting project but more a full-service, multi-trade construction project. Again, one that required operations of the business to stay running while we completed all facets of the project.

How extensive was the project?

This project required bringing in the expertise of Sherwin Williams to help us develop a process that would last. One of the customer’s criteria was an extended 20-year warranty for our work. The end result was providing a multi-layered coating system with time-critical application and inspection specifications to achieve.

What were some of the challenges of completing this project within an occupied space?

Noise with the structural masonry repairs was our first hurdle and that was minimized and worked through by daily scheduling around meeting room use and off-peak hours. The second was the interior mold removal and remediation that was done over a three-night period which had demanding deadlines for setup and tear down of building protection for each night’s work activities. The third was the dust control during finishing work and the migrating dust from tape, bed and sanding for prepping the new walls to receive finishes. During each day’s activities required general and final cleaning of all adjacent areas.

Did it make a difference?

The project was completed on time and within budget. We received the stringent inspection approvals for Sherwin Williams 20 Year warranty and the interior mold with its associated health risks were contained during the remediation and 100% eliminated.

What we learned:

Each project is its own project, and the pre-construction planning, daily execution, and being interruptible for what is best for the customer’s ongoing operations is what we were and are called to do. Anything less is a failure to deliver as expected and promised.