Cowboys Golf Club

Location: Grapevine, Texas

How did Alliance come into the conversation when considering firms for the project?

We had a previous relationship with Cowboys Golf Club GM, Hagen Cleek. Hagen described his vision for the club’s potential, and we got to work to help bring that vision to reality.

What end result did the owners want to achieve through renovation?

Cowboys Golf Club needed to improve the current facilities revenue potential by adding function and appearance to create a destination location for casual dining and improve their guest’s overall golf experience.

Another big emphasis here is improving the club’s standing from a primary golf tournament play and daily fee focused location to a “first-in-class” multipurpose venue by improving current banquet, wedding, meeting and catering private events.

In addition, the “Big Idea”, was to garner more of the current local tourist dollars being spent and available from neighboring places such as Gaylord Texan, Wolf Creek Lodge, and the growing North Shore development at Lake Grapevine.

The design team’s initial focus beyond the drive to provide a first-class customer experience was the dire need to accurately represent the level of excellence demanding of the Dallas Cowboys football organization’s brand identity. Cowboy’s Golf Club is the only NFL- themed golf club in the country and ARCIS Golf wanted to make this project their flagship facility.

What did the space look like before?

This was a facility lacking many years of deferred maintenance and infrastructure neglect. The space was uninviting and a place you would go golf and leave to hang out somewhere else nearby as soon as you finished. The whole facility was very worn, tired, dark and run down with no space continuity or flow of services. As a result, guest events access created cross traffic congestion and interruption. Guests seemed to chaotically collide.

What were some of the challenges of completing these renovations within an occupied space?

The biggest challenges here were noise, dust control, changing daily event schedules, and adjustments to accommodate the customer’s operations as best possible. This caused many instances of delayed-starts and after-hours work as required. We also closely monitored guest safety, materials storage, and handling, as this is a construction site after all.

This was a clinic in split-second timing, constant cleaning, daily and hourly communication to all parties from the owner, events coordinators, sub-trades and suppliers.

How are golfers and end-users responding to the freshly-renovated space?

Everyone loves the reimagined Cowboys Golf Club. Revenues have exceeded high expectations, flow in and through the club is seamless, with happy faces all around. It is a joy to see the full use of the facility with the complete vision being realized. In addition, happy non-golf guests enjoy coming just to eat or drink at the Ring of Honor Bar and Patio.